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Chimney inspections

Locally owned, The Chimney Specialists, Inc. has been providing chimney inspections to homes in Tacoma, Seattle and the surrounding communities since 1978. Our chimney inspections and chimney cleanings go hand in hand as our CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps provide an 18-point inspection with all chimney cleanings.

Inspection and cleaning keep you safe

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The NFPA recommends homeowners have their chimney inspected and swept annually for safety. Our technicians inspect, install, sweep and maintain these systems, diagnose issues, describe changes for performance improvement while educating you about safety.

18-Point Chimney Inspection Service

Our certified chimney sweeps use an 18-point chimney evaluation when performing chimney inspections. A Type One Evaluation inspection includes checking the following.


  • 1. Hearth Protection
  • 2. Firebox/Grate
  • 3. Ash Container
  • 4. Damper
  • 5. Smoke Chamber
  • 6. Spark Screen/Doors


  • 7. Height
  • 8. Brickwork/Mortar
  • 9. Flue Tiles
  • 10. Flashing
  • 11. Crown/Wash
  • 12. Water Resistance
  • 13. Chimney Cap/Spark Arrestor


  • 14. Stove Pipe Condition
  • 15. Factory Chimney
  • 16. Stove Gasketing
  • 17. Installation/Thimble/Clearances
  • 18. Approved Flue Connection

Level 2 chimney inspections

Level 2 or Type 2 chimney evaluation inspections are necessary when there has been structural damage to the chimney caused by an earthquake or severe flooding or if there has been a chimney fire.

Our technicians use the Wohler Video Inspection System. The VIS 400 is one of the most versatile, professional grade video inspection systems.

The color camera head pans 360 degrees and tilts 180 degrees for comprehensive viewing angles of the entire length of the chimney. Video inspections are done upon request and prices range from $395 to $595 (plus tax). Please note we do work with insurance companies.

Chimney Specialists were on time, thorough and clean. They did an inspection of the chimney and fireplace insert. They fixed everything up after years of neglect and corrected several problems that would have been a fire hazard. They did a good job of cleaning up and did not leave the house sooty or messy. The overall bill matched the estimate.

- Charles, Woodinville WA

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