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Chimney sweeping

Since 1978, The Chimney Specialists, Inc. has provided chimney sweeping for homes and businesses from Tacoma to Seattle and the surrounding area.  Our CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps always provide an 18-point inspection with all cleanings and clean up after we're done.

Why do you need a chimney cleaning?

You may think your chimney only needs cleaning if you burn wood but the NFPA recommends having a professional chimney cleaner inspect, service and clean your chimney and fireplace each year.

Full service cleaning & inspection

Our CSIA certified chimney sweeps do more than just clean your chimney.  They explain the process and offer the following services. Please note pricing varies upon the service area and type of chimney system (open fireplace, free-standing stove, lined or unlined insert).

  • Inspect, install, sweep, maintain chimney & fireplace systems
  • Diagnose chimney performance issues
  • Describe changes for performance improvement
  • Educate about safe operation of fireplace venting systems

Roto cleaning service

This is necessary based on the level of creosote and Level three creosote requires roto-cleaning. Our labor-intensive roto-cleaning service uses glaze removal chains with rotary action to remove heavy third-degree glazed creosote. Pricing ranges from $395-$595 plus tax.

Oil furnace sweep & inspection

If you have an oil furnace you need to have your chimney cleaned and inspected on a yearly basis as oil fuel produces a by-product called oil soot. The soot builds up in your chimney and can deteriorate the liner over time and eventually, become a fire hazard.

What to expect during your chimney sweep

Our technician needs to enter your home for interior access to the firebox. The process typically takes about 35 minutes though it can take longer if there is an insert or the chimney is exceptionally dirty.

  • Enter home to lay drop cloths, shut damper and inspect the firebox.
  • Go to roof & inspect chimney from roofline up and sweep it down.
  • Go back inside with a vacuum and a throat brush.
  • Brush out throat & smoke shelf, damper housing, fireplace walls & firebox.
  • When done, clean up, write out inspection report & go over it with you.

The Chimney Specialist workers used their equipment to clean chimneys in 2 fireplaces. They wore covers on their shoes and used covers on the floors around the chimneys. I was impressed by how clean and careful they were. The process did not take long, they told me what they found, cleaned the chimneys and left with no trace of dirt, soot, or soil.”

- Karen, Tacoma WA

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