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Chimney Leaks

Chimney leaks are unfortunately something that we see all too often here in the Pacific Northwest. At The Chimney Specialists, we have been specializing in water intrusion and leak diagnosis since 1978.

We have the knowledge and experience to provide an extensive leak inspection report, as well as a thorough estimate for repairs. Our leak inspection service includes a full interior and exterior inspection of the masonry chimney as your leak is probably caused by a combination of issues.

What causes chimney leaks?

You will receive a written evaluation report listing the causes and estimate for repairs. Elements that contribute to chimney leaks include, but are not limited to:

  • Improper weatherization of the brick and mortar
  • A cracked or broken top concrete crown
  • Bad/failing chimney flashing, mortar and/or bricks
  • The chimney does not have a chimney cap

Weatherizing your masonry chimney

Most brick is permeable and absorbs water and moisture if not properly weatherized. Chimneys not weatherized or protected from our unpredictable weather are at risk for freeze-thaw.

Freeze-thaw allows moisture to permeate throughout the chimney causing damage to the interior and exterior. Over time, freeze-thaw leads to tuck pointing, if not partial or full chimney rebuild.

We use superior and breathable water repellant to lock out moisture, while allowing any vapors to exit. Chimneys that are properly weatherized will not harbor moss and are less likely to get discolored over time.

Both wood stove and fire place were thoroughly cleaned and inspected. The stainless steel rain guard was installed; the flue for my propane fire place was caulked (as it was never done).

I haven't heard the loud dripping noise since then and don't have to worry about water damage. He went through everything with me and put my mind at ease about using our stove and fireplace.

They work fast but take the time to answer any questions or concerns. No mess left when they are done, just clean flues and peace of mind.

- Romaine, Fox Island

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